Dar Community

A community group which:
  • aims to develop a model of Canadian Muslim Community that merges the faith with the challenges of modernity
  • has a clear understanding of balance and moderation in implementing Islam
  • offers programs designed to enrich the faith, intellectual and personal development, general life skills of individuals and families by strengthening the religious and Cultural Bonds between the communities in a healthy, energetic, inspirational and positive Islamic environment
  • strives to preserve Arabic language with classes for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers
  • programs and services focus on building bridges with every community, regardless of faith or background
  • respects all faiths, cultures, traditions and values of Canadian society
  • creates partnerships and cooperation with other associations for the benefit of Dar community and Canadian society at large
  • has no organizational link or affiliation with other organizations inside or outside Canada
  • Food Program
  • Dar Neighborhood Dinner offered once a month
  • Muslim Match making
  • Tax clinic
  • DOHA Program to help Syrian new comers: includes counselling services, newcomer orientation and support, training for community organizations in helping newcomers,translation, interpretation, and furniture, clothing and toy drives
  • Quran classes