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DOHA stands for Dar Open Hearts & Arms to help Syrian Refugees to settle in Canada

DOHA stands for “Dar Open Hearts and Arms.” The word “DOHA” means forenoon in Arabic which is the time after sunshine and before noon– a positive symbol of a shining future for the refugees in Canada. Under this mega project, there are multiple projects that help the Syrian Refugees to their basic needs, as well as support them both emotionally and socially.

In the holy Quran, “If any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity”. The human soul is very precious and part of our faith is to serve humanity unconditionally.
Canada is rescuing 25,000 souls from a war zone, reviving their hope for a better life ahead. It is our responsibility and duty to do our best to help.  We believe that if you have the heart to help humanity and you have the energy and skills to do so and you don’t, then you also lose the entire humanity.

DOHA project is the umbrella of many existing and new projects to help the Syrian-Canadian new comers to settle in Canada and build a brighter life.

The existing projects that will expand to serve the new Syrian-Canadian new comers are;
–          Dar Food Program: This program provides 60 families with Halal food, groceries, bread, diary, fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. It’s a project partially sponsored by Halton Food For Life. We are planning to expand it to serve the new Syrian Families. Currently we deliver to 3 newcomer Syrian families from Hamilton. Under Dar Food Program we have sent 3 shipments of food rescue, including Halal meat, to the refugees in Hamilton through Hamilton Mosque.
–          Dar Neighborhood Dinner: Dar invites the families in the neighborhood in a free dinner once a month. Its goal is to gather and integrate families from different backgrounds and blend them together in a nice and fun atmosphere.
–          Dar Family Night: This program is a weekly event. The main goal of the event is to gather the community is an evening at the Dar Foundation. We provide several lectures and invite guest speakers in various topics with the main objective of developing the community both spiritually and professionally.

The new projects are;
– The Survival Deck for the Syrian Refugees: they will be in the size of the playing cards but include the most important sentences to communicate between Syrian newcomers that do not know English and the Canadians who do not understand Arabic. This is essential and handy especially in the case of emergency. We target it to be distributed at the airports to every refugee that doesn’t speak English. Future plans include expanding it to all languages, not just Arabic/English. This is still a work under progress.
–  Helping hands; it is a counseling services for families especially marriage counseling, mediation, addiction, as well as to act as an emotional support system for the new Syrian Refugees.
– Training for the new comers on orientation to Ontario as well as training for police, Child Aid society, ambulance and others on how to bridge the gaps between the two cultures.
– Bonding between refugee families and Canadian families encourage the Canadian family to do one-on-one help in settling them in, answering all of their questions, exchanging visits, helping them to settle emotionally in this new culture and environment. (This is launched and in the process of collecting volunteer information).
– Create recreational, life coaching, finding path programs. Status is under development.
– Create a network of business owners who are willing to secure jobs for the newcomers from Syria.
Other projects include translation, interpretation, clothes, furniture, and toys drive.

DOHA’s goals in helping these refugees are:

– Help them to establish a better and brighter life in Canada
– Immediate food supply with Halal food through Dar food program
– Help them engage in simple communications through our “survival deck”
– Integrate them in the Canadian community and create bonds between them and other families from the community.
– Help them to heal emotionally and mentally from the tragedies that they lived and the deteriorating impact of living for almost 5-years in war zone, and/or camps as refugees

For any inquiry regarding DOHA project, please email us

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