Dar Foundation is proud to be serving the Muslim Community in Canada since 2010. A 100% Canadian non-profit organization, operating only in Canada, offering religious and community development services to the local Muslim Community in the GTA and across Canada.

Our Vision: 

A strong & productive Muslim Community that will contribute to the prosperity of the Canadian Society.

Our Mission:

Establish an Islamic Community Environment based on the model of the community of the Prophet (PBUh), to exemplify the best of character by contributing to the neighborhoods in which we live, through intense attention to the spiritual, educational, and material needs of our unified community, in a transparent, inclusive, and equitable manner.

Our Objectives:

  • Developing a model of Canadian Muslim Community that merges faith with the challenges of modernity
  • Has a clear understanding of balance and moderation in implementing Islam
  • Offering programs designed to enrich the faith, intellectual and personal development, general life skills of individuals and families by strengthening the religious and Cultural Bonds between the communities in a healthy, energetic, inspirational and positive Islamic environment
  • Striving to preserve the Arabic language with classes for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers
  • Providing programs and services focus on building bridges with every community, regardless of faith or background
  • Respecting all faiths, cultures, traditions, and values of Canadian society
  • Creating partnerships and cooperation with other associations for the benefit of Dar community and Canadian society at large
  • Providing Arabic and Quran classes


Join Dar Family 


مؤسسة الدار هي مؤسسة إسلامية غير هادفة للربح تخدم الجالية المسلمة في كندا منذ عام 2010. تقدم مؤسسة الدار خدماتها من خلال مقرها بمدينة اوكفيل بمقاطعة اونتاريو ولا يوجد لها فروع اخرى داخل أو خارج كندا.


مجتمع مسلم فعّال، منتج ومؤثر في كل عوامل التقدم والرقي في المجتمع الكندي العام كجزء أساسي من هذا المجتمع. وصفة كل عضو من أعضاء هذا المجتمع المسلم: إنسان – مسلم – مثقف، يقرأ ويكتب ويتكلم اللغة العربية بطلاقة.