Dar Foundation has variety of programs, workshops and activities for women, men, and children of all ages.

Our scholars and teachers are picked carefully for their knowledge and  their goal is to develop a model of Canadian Muslim Community that merges the faith with the challenges of modernity and has clear understanding of balance and moderation in implementing Islam.

Our program are designed to nourish  the spirituality and enrish the life skills of every Muslim in the light and guidance of the holy Quran and Sunaah of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Our long list of programs includes (please check our program calendar)


  • Qura’n memorization through Al-Otroujah program and other programs as well
  • Qura’nic sstudies such as Tajweed and Tafseer
  • Arabic Language
  • Islamic Raqaek (lessons for soften your heart)
  • Explanation of Famous books (Fiqh Alsunnah, Madarek Alsalkeen, …)
  • Following the footsteps of prophet Mohammed

Life skills

  • Finding Your Path (Dr. Amira Ayad)
  • Youth Life Coaching and Development
  • Creative workshops


  • Dar Family Day (variety of lectures)
  • Family trips
  • Youth camps


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