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Dar Hifz Program

The Dar Foundation Hifz Program is now open for registration! πŸ’«

🌟 Motivating environment for Quran memorization

πŸ“š Understand the meanings of what’s memorized to apply learnings to daily life

🎭 Connect with classmates through daily class activities

Mondays to Thursdays, 4 Days/Week, 9AM – 12PM, For Grades 1-8

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Salam Neighbour

Salam Neighbour is an organization under Dar Foundation. Our goal is to spread awareness about the beauty of Islam and to unite our diverse Halton communities in powerful conversations as well as engaging activities.

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Dar Muslim Match

Muslim Match is dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections among sincere and dedicated Muslims. We are committed to upholding Islamic laws and values, ensuring that every step taken towards finding the perfect Muslim match aligns with the principles that matter most.

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Family Consultation

Need help navigating family issues? Our compassionate family consultants offer guidance to strengthen relationships. Schedule a private session now